Monday, November 3, 2014

How to Get a Fake IP Address of a Specific Country using Tor

First, you need to download the Tor Browser Bundle at and install.

Now go to the tor browser folder, e.g., "C:\Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Tor", open the file "torrc-defaults" using notepad, find the following lines:
# If non-zero, try to write to disk less frequently than we would otherwise.
AvoidDiskWrites 1
# Where to send logging messages. Format is minSeverity[-maxSeverity]
Add the line of texts "ExitNodes (space) {CountryCode}" after the line "AvoidDiskWrites 1". For example,
where "{US}" is the coutry code for the IP address of the specific country you want to use. For example, {US} for United States, {PL} for Poland, {CN} for China. To find the country code of a specific country, you can use the table

Finally, Start Tor Browser -> Connect, you can go to to check your IP address and location.

To enable Flash Player in Tor Browser Bundle, press Alt key to show the menu, go to Tools - Add-ons (or Ctrl+Shift+A), Click Plugins, you should see the "Shockwave Flash ...", switch the setting "Never Activate" to "Ask to Activate" or "Always Activate".

Now you can view web page with flash, just click Activate Adobe Flash,then Allow and Remember or Allow Now.

If your plugins content are empty and there is no Shockwave Flash, that means Flash Player for FireFox is not installed in your system. Go to install Flash first and then restart Tor Browser and do the config again.

Note: For security reasons, manually set ExitNodes and Activate Flash Player and other scripts is not recommended. If you want to browse anonymously without the special need of using a country specific IP, it is better to use the default settings of Tor Browser.



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  2. If you want to keep Tor Browser portable and be able to use it on a system without Flash installed, is it possible to manually place specific Flash files somewhere within the Tor Browser folder so it will use them?

    1. If you have the flash files (in .swf format), you can use the official standalone flash player (Flash Player projector) to view them directly, which doesn't rely on tor browser at all. See

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