Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Mind Reader Game - Akinator the Genie

Akinator is game that can guess which character you are thinking of by asking you a series of Yes/No questions. It is available as a free Internet web game, as well as paid Android, iOS, WP and BlackBerry mobile app. It also supports to play in more than ten different languages. A free Android version is available in Amazon Underground.

Official Site & Play the Web Version:

Amazon Underground - Get Paid Android App & Games and In-App Items For Free!

Amazon introduced a new Android app store - Amazon Underground, which offers many paid Android apps and games for free. It also brings a new method for developers to generate revenue from every customer - amazon will pay the developers for every minute spent in their Amazon Underground app by every user.

Some popular paid apps & games available for free in Amazon Underground are: OfficeSuite Professional 8, PhotoSuit 4, ezPDF Reader, CityMaps2Go Pro, Akinator the Genie, Samurai II: Vengeance, Goat Simulator, Raiden Legacy, Dark Incursion...