Monday, November 30, 2015

Bitzfree - Free Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Bitzfree is a free cloud mining service (game) supported by ads and aims to spread the Bitcoin revolution. Users are given 20.00 initial SHA-256 Cloud GHs mining power for signing up. Each time you login you will be rewarded with some bonus points. To increase your GHash/s, you can convert your bonus or mined Bitcoins to GHs. And you can steal (hack) other users' GHs. You can also deposit some Bitcoins Gold to buy GHs at 0.0001 BTC/GHs 0.001250 BTG/GHs. The minimum deposit amount is 0.0001 BTC 0.001 BTG and the withdraw threshold is 0.0125 BTC 0.05 BTG.

Tutorial for Beginners:

As a beginner of the Bitzfree game, your main objective is to increase your hash power.

1. After registration, you will have 20 GHs.
2. Follow Bitzfree editor on facebook, and send an email to them of your facebook page, you will get 10 GHs Bonus.
You can also get some Bonus GHs by sharing Bitzfree through facebook and twitter. Click the "Bonus GHs" button to check the details.
3. In "My Cloud", Click "Activate Double Mining!" to activate double mining.
4. Click "Overlock" button, and overlock your GHs at about 110%~115%. (You need to click another "Overclock" button after the "+5", "+10" buttons.)
5. Click "Hack GHs" and hack as much as you can. Check the detailed tutorial ( for GHs hacking. Tips: you can highlight the texts in the command window and do copy&paste (ctrl+c&ctrl+v) of the user's hash string.
6. Once you accumulated some bonus and Bitcoins, go to "Mining Strategy", and update it to "GHs Cost -20.00%" by dragging the triangle to bottom left corner and click the "update" button. Then in "My Cloud", click "All BTC to GHs" and "All Bonus to GHs" to convert them to GHs. Finally, go to "Mining Strategy" again, and increase the "Bonus Spawn Rate", "BTC Production", "Double Mining Time" by change GHs cost back to -0.00%.
7. Repeat Step 2~6, until you have a high GHs. Ideally, when the "Estimated Payment Time" in your "My Cloud" is less than 30 days, you may use "10% BTC to GHs" button instead of "All BTC to GHs" in Step 6, and wait for your payment.

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