Friday, March 31, 2017

Repair your Windows with the Media Creation Tool (Windows.iso)

If you have problems with your Windows, an easy fix that will keep all your installed apps, programmers and files is to repair (refresh/reset/update) your installed Windows using the official media creation tool. It is like a re-installation of Windows, so it can solve most problems, but you don't loss anything you already have.

Just go to, download the tool, run it and follow the GUI instructions; remember to choose "Upgrade this PC now (Download and install updates)", and that is it.
For detailed steps of this repairing process, please refer to:

Other problems:
If you see the error "Setup couldn’t start properly, Please reboot your PC and run set up again", just rename the folders "$Windows.~BT", "$Windows.~WS." and "Windows.old", in your system drive, and try again, see

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