Saturday, November 4, 2017

A List of JavaScript Cryptocurrency Miners

JavaScript based cryptocurrency miners can be embedded in a web page as a replacement for advertisement to monetize your websites. When users are visiting the page, the embedded JS code will run in background and mine the cryptocurrency for you.

Cryptocurrency: Monero
Minimum payout threshold: 0.05 XMR (~$4)
Revenue sharing: 70% (you)
Note: Also supports Link Forwarding and Proof-of-work CAPTCHA.

Cryptocurrency: Monero
Minimum payout threshold: 0.3 XMR
Revenue sharing: 88% (you)
Note: It has self-hosting option instead of using its server hosted JS library.

Coin Have
Cryptocurrency: Monero
Minimum payout threshold: 0.5 XMR (~$50)
Revenue sharing: 85% (you)
Note: It also supports web extension.

Cryptocurrency: JSECoin
Note: See also

Cryptocurrency: Monero
Revenue sharing: 85% (you)

Cryptocurrency: Monero
Revenue sharing: 95% (you)

Cryptocurrency: Monero
Revenue sharing: 98% (you)

Cryptocurrency: Monero

Cryptocurrency: Monero

Links: (Python) (Node.js)

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