Thursday, February 7, 2019

Daniel's Hosting --- Free Anonymous Tor Onion Web Hosting

Daniel's Hosting offers free Tor .onion web hosting, where you can set up your website with a .onion URL address in the tor network. This free service gives you almost everything to create a .onion site, including PHP, SQL, FTP, Mail function, and currently there is no disk usage quota. A website with a .onion domain suffix can only be accessed by Tor Browser or through some Tor proxies, but you can contact the admin to get a free clearnet subdomain of, and/or an I2P domain.

However, please note this service may not be very reliable, you may lost your site because of a server hack. So make sure to backup your site and data frequently, or try some decentralized platform such as ZeroNet.

List of hosted sites by Daniel's Hosting:
Onion link list: (find interesting .onion sites and submit your own) (.onion name generator)

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