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Dual Boot Install Remix OS (Android-x86) on Windows Notes

Update on 2017/10/21: To uninstall Remix OS 3: C:\RemixOS\UninstallRemixOS.exe.

Update on 2017/7/26: Remix OS was discontinued according to its official announcement. Users are recommended to migrate to Phoenix OS.

Update #1: The newest version of Remix OS has OTA update feature, and has direct access to your local Windows file system to make file transfer between Windows and Android easier.

Update #2: The newest version of Remix OS has an official tool for you to install it into your hard drive. So the tutorial below can be considered obsolete when the official version is mature (currently Beta).

Update #3: The newest version of Phoenix OS officially supports hard drive install.

Windows 8/8.1/10
64-bit Core PC
UEFI Boot Enabled
More than 4GB free space in "C:/" drive
Secure Boot Disabled
BitLocker Disabled

Dual boot with Windows.
No need to partition hard drive.
Overcome the 4GB file size limit.
Install into hard drive so no USB needed.
OS will run faster.

Softwares Needed
grub.cfg files
GMSInstaller.apk (optional, for install google play only)
The above four can be downloaded at []
Remix OS PC Legacy(.iso)or UEFI(.img):

Dual Boot Install Remix OS:
The following notes are based on the post:

1. Open "androidx86-installv22-6000.0.exe" as Adminstrator.

2. Click "Android Image" and select the downloaded "Installer_Bootstrap_Image_by.devTWSK.iso" (not RemixOS's iso).

4. Don't close the installer, and don't click the "Install" button.

5. In Windows File Explorer, Go to the folder "C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Temp\droidinst_efi\", find the file "grub.cfg", replace it with the .cfg files you downloaded (must rename the file "grub_gb.cfg", or "grub_gb2.cfg", to "grub.cfg", copy there and replace the original file.)

6. Click "Install" and wait until the installation finish.

7. Go to folder "C:\AndroidOS\", delete all files except "data.img".

8. Unzip the Remix OS PC .iso or .img file (using 7-zip), find the four files from the unzipped files: "initrd.img", "kernel", "ramdisk.img", "system.img" (can be obtained by unzipping "system.sfs" using 7-zip), and copy them to the folder "C:\AndroidOS\".

9. Open EasyUEFI and move "Android-OS" to the first option.

10. Reboot your PC and now you can select between Remix OS and Windows.

Install Google Play Store: (Install using GMSInstaller) (Enable build-in Google Play for Remix Beta)!topic/remix-os-for-pc/b0ij-vCPiQI (Install using GMSActivator)

Update your Remix OS:
Keep the file "data.img" (so all your data will be kept), replace the rest files in "C:\AndroidOS" with their new versions unzipped from newly released .iso or .img.

Uninstall Remix OS:
Open "androidx86-installv22-6000.0.exe" and click "Cleanup Android".

Problem: Can't boot Remix OS (Android-x86), got the error
error : file not found
error : you need to load the kernel first
Solution: Disable BitLocker.

If you upgraded or reinstalled Windows, and the Remix OS boot option is missing, firstly check whether the UEFI boot folder/files for Remix OS are still there (Win Key+X, choose Command Prompt (Admin)):
mountvol B: /s
cd efi/remixos
If all files are there, reboot and go to BIOS settings, in the boot menu, add the EFI file for booting Remix as trusted to executing: find, e.g., bootia32.efi (or BOOTx64.EFI) in /EFI/RemixOS/, select it, and save the settings, reboot.

Links: (Remix OS PC Version 3.0.207, Desktop Launcher problem caused by network setting app update --- solution: uninstall the update)

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