Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Earn Instant Bitcoin Payment with the Xapo Wallet

Bitcoin transaction need confirmation, which usually takes an average of 10 minutes to get one confirmation. Xapo (for Bitcoin) is similar to Paypal (for fiat), it supports instant Bitcoin payment using your Email address, much easier to remember and write than the standard alphanumeric character Bitcoin address.
Xapo will reward you 50 bits (50*100 satoshis, or 0.00005000 BTC) for just signing up. The best thing is you can find many Bitcoin faucets that support Xapo wallet, which will instantly pay you using your Xapo Email address. On the other hand, if you use a Bitcoin address, you need to wait until your accumulated Bitcoins pass the some threshold.

Here are some of my favorite faucets paying to Xapo address:





Here are some Android/iOS App faucets paying to Xapo address:

Wheel of Bitcoins

Bitcoin Wonder Machine

Similar Apps to Earn Bitcoins:
Bitcoin Honey
Bitcoin Scratcher
Space Bitcoins


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