Thursday, June 16, 2016

Why and How to Disable JavaScript in Your Browser

Disable JavaScript, For a Better Web!

Why should we disable JavaScript?

The short answer: "JavaScript = Advertisement = Evil".

Unlike the Flash Player, which is just a standalone plugin and can be easily uninstalled, JavaScript is built into your web browser and can never be removed completely. Fortunately, most browsers offer the option to disable JavaScript. Unlike using the third party plugins such as "AdBlock", which is as "evil" as the Flash plugin, disable JavaScript is "The Most Easy and Effect Way to Block Web Ads". Disable the "evil" JavaScript now and return to the world with clean and secure web.

So how can I remove JavaScript?

Depending on your browser (Chrome, Edge, FireFox, IE, Safari, Opera), find and follow the steps to disable JavaScript in this link.

Some websites are really user unfriendly and require me to use JavaScript to function properly, what should I do?

Option 1: Follow you heart and Do the Right thing.

Option 2: Knee down to JavaScript. Undo the steps for disabling JavaScript to enable it. Or use a separate secondary browser for JavaScript. Or selectively enable JavaScript for white-listed sites.

Not convinced? Try these malicious examples:

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