Friday, December 8, 2017

OpenNIC --- An open and democratic alternative DNS root

OpenNIC is an user owned and controlled alternative to Top-Level Domain (TLD) registries such as ICANN. This free service can help prevent DNS servers censorship and stop DNS Hijacking. You can also register various OpenNIC-operated Top-Level Domain names at no cost, including .chan (for imageboards), .cyb (cyberpunk-related), .geek ("geeky" contents), .indy (independent stuffs), .libre (non-commercial and free Internet organizations), .oss (open source software), .pirate (sharing), .null, .neo, .o (general purpose) and many others. It also supports resolution of some alternative DNS roots, such as .bit (Namecoin domains), .bazar (free marketplace with Emercoin), .coin, .emc (Emercoin) and so on.

To use OpenNIC, just change your default DNS server addresses to
IPv4 Preferred Alternate
IPv6 Preferred 2a02:e00:fff0:fc::2 Alternate 2a0b:3c40:1:212::1
See the detailed setting up guide here:
Then you can visit all those non-regular domains above.


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